Brothers Cleaning Services has been helping our customers maintain healthy homes and workplaces for 47 years and we are here for you now. Your health and the health of our team members are our most important priority. We are committed to following proper Covid-19 safety protocols.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment and Social Distancing: Your carpet technician will be wearing personal protective equipment (i.e., disposable gloves, shoe covers, and masks when appropriate). They will be regularly washing hands and are asked to minimize physical interactions and maintain appropriate social distancing. Additionally, customers may call in to pay with a credit card rather than pay via the tablet computer, minimizing contact.
  2. Equipment Sanitization: Our technicians will wipe down and disinfectant their equipment between each cleaning service to ensure that the equipment coming into your home is clean and sanitized.

Together, we can all stay health during these challenging times!

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